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Webinar: Get together to reflect the national landscape at EOSC

Friday, 11 October 2019, 11:00 – 12:00

Description and scope

The launch of EOSC-Pillar last July and the other regional projects (EOSC Synergy, EOSC Nordic, and NI4OS-Europe), marks an important milestone for the development of the European Open Science Cloud as it further connects national initiatives, policies, infrastructures, services, and people to the EOSC.

The importance of these regional projects cannot be underestimated as without the committed involvement of the Member States and the stakeholders within them, the EOSC risks being unable to reach end-users, source services really needed by them, and create a true platform that enables widespread collaboration, reuse of scientific data and results. 

We want to show that together, the projects themselves, by uniting, make for a stronger voice in Europe and this webinar will be the first of many mutual synergies and engaged activities that will be carried out over the coming months.  

What will these new projects bring to the table? How much of an impact can these projects really make within their covered countries? What are the similarities and differences between them? How much backing and support do these projects have on a national level? How will they synchronise with each other to ensure actions are not duplicated and effort wasted ? These are just some of the questions that this webinar will answer. Register now!

Who should attend

  • EOSC Member State representatives
  • Those working on EOSC-related initiatives
  • Research infrastructures, scientific communities, repository managers, universities, researchers, and industry interested in learning what these regional projects and the EOSC can do for them

Key takeaways

  • Discover new opportunities for you with these new funded regional projects
  • Get to know the regional projects and what they will contribute to the EOSC
  • See the innovative services they plan to bring include in the EOSC
  • Understand the national support that the EOSC has through these projects
  • See how each project will approach landscaping within their respective regions
  • Find out how these projects will synchronise with each other
  • Get in touch with the people behind these projects







Welcome, intervention on the expectations on behalf of the EC,
Christian Cuciniello, DG RTD European Commission 


EOSC-Pillar: Central and Western Europe’s Plug-in into the EOSC
Fulvio Galeazzi, EOSC-Pillar Project Manager 


EOSC Nordic Objectives, Workplan,  Potential Impact 
Saara Kontro, EOSC-Nordic Policies, Legal Issues and Sustainability Lead


EOSC Synergy Objectives, Workplan,  Potential Impact 
sabel Campos, EOSC-Synergy Coordinator


NI4OS-Europe Objectives, Workplan,  Potential Impact 
Biljana Kosanovic, NI4OS-Europe Landscape Lead


EOSC Secretariat and Landscaping
Andrea Grisilla, EOSC Secretariat Coordinator


Regional Coordination Board and Ensuring Synergy
Fulvio Galeazzi, EOSC-Pillar Project Manager 


What’s Next? How can you get involved? | Q&A
Rob Carrillo, EOSC-Pillar Dissemination, Outreach & Community-Building Manager


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